Our gathering with Leif was wonderful. Thanks everyone for an amazing meal and loving friendship

Leif Olsen treated us to an incredible discussion about mycology.  Wow, the stuff is everywhere, thank goodness.  We had an amazing turnout and the food was divine.  Thank you Leif for sharing your time and knowledge and thanks to everyone who shared their time and delicious goodies.  Over 40 people enjoying the evening and our trash can didn't even notice.  Thanks everyone for supporting zero-waste events.  It is so kind to not leave a lot of garbage for folks to clean up.

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It is time for our annual seed swap! We are doing this one remotely.

Our last gathering before the lock down of the pandemic was our annual seed swap. I enjoyed growing some of those seeds last year. I always enjoy shared seeds and plants. They have a story and I smile when I tend to the plants and remember the soul who shared them. We have beautiful Cardinal flowers and Green and Golds given to us by friends and they warm my heart every time I see them. It is like they are in our garden, beautifying it. Noel of our Eating Consciously team, sent me some seeds out of the blue last year and we have been enjoying the Arugula and Collards since. It was so nice to receive a surprise in the mail with a handwritten loving note. Noel and I were recently discussing seed swapping and we both were thinking of how to do it during a pandemic and she suggested using the US Mail. I loved it! I think hand-written letters sent in the mail are a [...]

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Free fermenting classes

This is something that is near and dear to my heart and I have discussed with the Shockey’s, my fermenting gurus and friends. So in spite of their world being turned upside down with COVID they are still walking the talk and trying to connect with those folks in most need. Scroll down to the bottom paragraphs and you will see what I mean.   We hope this finds you well. For the last few months we have been working on getting two special fermentation classes up. One is a Master Class that includes 7 techniques, a number of videos and a full color workbook with recipes. This class has so much for both a seasoned fermenter as well as brand new fermenters. The other class is very basic fermentation and is 100% FREE. FREE? What you say? Why? Let us explain.  Microbes are everywhere and key to nearly every natural process. They were on the Earth first, long before our farthest common ancestors existed, and they will likely be here [...]

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Honoring my Lebanese heritage: Harvesting grape leaves, remembering grandma and grandpa

My grandpa Coram was born in Lebanon. His family moved to the United States when he was an infant. Grandma’s family moved from Lebanon and settled in Jackson, Ohio, where she was born. Grandma always told people grandpa was born in Camel, West Virginia. When I asked her why she said their courthouse had burned down and all the records were lost. She feared he may be deported someday if folks knew where he was born, even though he was a legal resident. I thought she was being ridiculous. I don’t think that anymore, sadly. Anyone who knew them assumed their wedding was arranged. Grandpa was a practical joker. He lived life with joy. He was a great man. I have so much love for him I took his last name after my divorce. Grandma approached life differently. Some of my greatest life lessons came from my close relationship with her. I miss them both deeply and feel their presence at interesting times. My mother took on more [...]

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Online classes from NCSU on fermenting and making things you may not be able to find in the store right now.

Susan Sunflower sent this our way to share.  We have learned a few of these tricks thanks to Noel! (shown above).  She has given us many classes on fermenting and I for one have started fermenting as a result.  Thanks Susan for passing this on. Having problems finding yeast at the store to make bread? Have you thought that this might be a good time to learn how to make cheese? Check out this upcoming webinar series all about fementology! Appropriate for the home cook / wildlife explorer / high school student. I am just sharing this information... please visit the web site for more information and to find contact info for questions. Sessions begin April 16. ~~~~~~~ The seminars will be online and will be recorded. The first one also happens to launch our new sourdough project. Take a look. We have bakers, cheesemakers, archaeologists, evolutionary biologists, chemists, paleontologists and more, all talking about the wildlife in your kitchen. https://cals.ncsu.edu/applied-ecology/news/fermentology-mini-seminars/ [cals.ncsu.edu] These will be intelligible for a [...]

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Growing soil, feeding our community family

Five years ago at this time, John and I were not cutting seed potatoes getting them ready to plant on St. Patrick's Day. We were not adding coffee grounds from the local cafe to our compost facility. We did have a small compost pile but we were not working it. Now it is a part-time job for John. Well, maybe not but my husband makes a darn good soil, something I would not have appreciated five years ago. I didn’t think much about soil. I have gardened for years but didn’t understand the value of good soil. I do now. Almost 3 years ago we started having zero-waste potlucks with 8 or so friends and studied the Post Carbon Institute’s online video course Think Resilience. It focused on life after fossil fuels. It was thought-provoking. As part of the study, the course had the group answer the question, “What do you wish you would have learned to do in school?” Almost all of us said we wanted to [...]

Waste Less. Save More. Poster Unveiled!

Thank you everyone who shared their ideas in our Use Food Scraps Essay Contest.  Thanks to Althea for analyzing the essays (she said she teared up when reading them) and creating this fantastic poster AND presenting it to the Transylvania Natural Resource Council today.  Thanks to Jinx for funding the printing!  What an amazing community we have and how awesome it is when we come together and share our love.

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Use Food Scraps Poster Unveil is this Friday at the TNRC meeting!

In March, we hosted the Use Food Scraps symposium.  A part of the event was an essay contest where members of our community gave suggestions for keeping food out of our landfill.  Those suggestions have been used to create a community poster!  We received a $100 donation to print the posters and the poster will be unveiled during our presentation to the Transylvania Natural Resource Council this Friday. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible and to Thea for using her skills to analyze these essays and bring them together as a community asset!

Fermenting carrots with Noel, a delicious meal and a great host, WolfBrew Bottle Shop

What a great gathering last Thursday! Noel once again taught us to ferment, this time with carrots, apples, ginger and such. I just love Noel’s classes. She is so passionate about fermenting and she make it so easy I leave feeling like I can do it and I have! I don’t even know where to being thanking Noel. She saw we needed funding for our new website and stepped up to give to classes to help us. We raised $145 and thanks to an additional donation from some dedicated supporters, we have covered our cost for our new website! Thank you everyone. WolfBrew is a great gathering spot. They always welcome us enthusiastically and we always enjoy gathering there. They are also a great community business that is dedicated to waste-reduction.

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Fermenting, Beer Tasting, Sharing a meal, and funding our website.

June 13th, we hosted a gathering at WolfBrew Bottle Shop.  Noel, who taught fermenting with food scraps at our Use Food Scraps Symposium, noticed we were raising money for our new website.  She contacted us and asked if she could teach fermenting classes to help us raise money.  What a nice thing to do! She taught Making Kraut on the 13th and is coming back on July 11th to teach carrot ferments at Wolf Brew.  Thank you Noel!  We raised $100 at the event.  We are half way there towards funding our new site. Noel is such a wonderful teacher.  She is so enthusiastic and knows the topic well.  Her husband educated us on some of the science and I learned a lot.  I took her class in March at our Symposium and after taking this class I went home and tried making some kraut.  It is in our spring house now fermenting.  We are blessed to have a spring house, which keeps things cool as a [...]

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