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Eating Consciously – as we eat at home more our food scraps increase. Your scraps can help us feed our neighbors

For years, Moving to Conservers has worked to change what we define as waste and trash, especially when it comes to food.  Reducing food waste is considered one of the number one things we can do to increase the health of our environment.  Diverting food scraps to farms helps them feed our local community. For some articles on the topic and ways you can use or let others use your food scraps go here:

ShareWaste – an app to help us put our community food scraps to use

John and I joined ShareWaste a couple of years ago but there were few if any others in the area signed up.  I honestly had forgotten about it.  A few weeks ago, we were contacted by someone in Mills River looking for a home for her food scraps.  She had found us on ShareWaste.  We met in the Walmart parking lot in Brevard and we received a 5-gallon bucket of much-needed scraps for our compost system. We never have enough scraps to produce the amount of compost we need for our garden.  Now we have a new stream and are looking for more.  If you have scraps you would like to put to use let us know and/or sign-up on ShareWaste and let's increase our community's ability to feed itself. You can find the website here: They also have an app you can download for your phone.  Happy food scraping :)

Announcing Eating Consciously!

We are excited to announce our newest project Eating Consciously.  An amazing team of folks has gathered together to create this new food group (I know but I couldn't resist.)  The goal of this project is to learn together the impact our food choices have on others and the environment.  Are you interested in moving to a plant-based diet and need tips and techniques for cooking and shopping?  Ask the group!  You can find out more about them and the project by visiting our webpage Eating Consciously! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  We are excited to learn together.

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Eating Consciously Podcast! Enjoy our first episode with Evan Parker

Help us celebrate as we kick off our first podcast!  We have started a new project called Eating Consciously and we are kicking it off by releasing our first podcast.  Our first guest is Evan Parker and he is a member of the Eating Consciously team that is helping us learn the impact our food choices have on others.  We really enjoyed the conversation with Evan and look forward to many more.  Thanks Evan! This Podcast, Eating Consciously was recorded July 5, 2020.  Evan Parker was interviewed by Kim Coram and John Wiseman.  We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.  

Interested in eating more plants? Here are some resources!

Hello friends, my name is Shane Bragg and I am the owner of Green Go Cleaning Co ( here in Brevard NC. I am so honored to be able to reach out thought this community and offer some resources in incorporating more veggies into your life! I would like to hear from you directly, what is a vegetable you want to learn more about? What is something you have wanted to try but are afraid to explore cooking it? Do you want more raw recipes as we approach the heat of summer or do you want cooked meals? Do you want to hear about sauces, full meals, recipes and website or books? How can I assist you? Send me an email, text or call and give me something to write about. In the mean time here are my favorite things to keep at home, a great book that even includes work outs and a favorite website to explore:   Nutritional yeast (most health stores carry this in bulk [...]

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Moving to a plant-based diet

In 2020, we kicked off our Moving to Zero-waste educational series.  Our first conversation in January was focused on Transylvania Shares, a new mutual aid organization in our community that shares stuff. February and March focused on the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Thanks to a wonderful presentation from Noel and Patrick in February and another presentation from Evan in March, we received a great education and a lot to think about. Since the stay-at-home order due to COVID 19 was issued shortly thereafter, we did not have our gathering where we had a conversation about our studies.  Nonetheless, people have reached out and said they would like support to reduce the amount of meat in their diets.  Fantastic. I reached out and asked Shane, a vegan and owner of GreenGo Cleaning Company, and a huge supporter of zero-waste and community if she would mind guiding us.  She said she would.  Thank you Shane!  Look for her tips on our website and in our newsletter. We will host [...]

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Plant give away through the Hunger Coalition response was extremely enthusiastic!

As mentioned in the last newsletter, members of Moving to Conservers gathered recently to pot plant starts donated by Gaia Herbs and the Transylvania Master Gardeners. This past Thursday we had the pleasure of giving out the plants at the Hunger Coalition’s weekly food distribution. Plants ready for delivery After receiving their food boxes, each driver was asked if they would like some plant starts so they could begin growing their own food. The response was extremely enthusiastic! Everyone was delighted to receive a choice of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, swiss chard, and/or herbs. In many cases, the recipients had garden space so were excited to receive some plants to start their own garden. For those that didn’t have a place to plant, we provided larger containers for them to transfer their plants. It was a great partnership between Moving to Conservers, Gaia Herbs, the Hunger Coalition, Roosterhead Plantation, and the Transylvania Master Gardeners. Our hope is that more people will begin to grow their own [...]

Online classes from NCSU on fermenting and making things you may not be able to find in the store right now.

Susan Sunflower sent this our way to share.  We have learned a few of these tricks thanks to Noel! (shown above).  She has given us many classes on fermenting and I for one have started fermenting as a result.  Thanks Susan for passing this on. Having problems finding yeast at the store to make bread? Have you thought that this might be a good time to learn how to make cheese? Check out this upcoming webinar series all about fementology! Appropriate for the home cook / wildlife explorer / high school student. I am just sharing this information... please visit the web site for more information and to find contact info for questions. Sessions begin April 16. ~~~~~~~ The seminars will be online and will be recorded. The first one also happens to launch our new sourdough project. Take a look. We have bakers, cheesemakers, archaeologists, evolutionary biologists, chemists, paleontologists and more, all talking about the wildlife in your kitchen. [] These will be intelligible for a [...]

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Evan Parker’s talk on plant-based diets was awesome. Thanks to all who attended.

What a great gathering!  We enjoyed a wonderful zero-waste, mostly plant-based potluck with lots of new faces and lots of familiar ones.  It was fantastic.  Evan shared information about the sustainability of plant-based diets.  He took questions after he wrapped up his talk and I learned a bit and enjoyed hearing the questions from others.  Many thanks to Evan and all who made it possible, a special thank you to WolfBrew Bottle shop for their continued hospitality, and thanks to the NAACP for letting us borrow their PA system.  Next month's topic in on using food scraps and I am looking forward to the 3 presenters who have agreed to share with us.  Thanks so much! Evan sent the following for those who are interested in learning more.  Thanks so much Evan! Here is an excerpt from my thesis: Here is my TED Talk:

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