Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Library

Seed Library – another great way of sharing and saving our environment

What is this?

You may have seen some of these little free library boxes around that people use to share books. The idea behind these seed libraries is similar in that people can share seeds. We hope this works well so we share seed, ESPECIALLY NATIVES!

Have you spotted one in T Cty yet?

Who wants to build one for your neighborhood? Expect to see them soon, at the Canteen, St. Paul’s Episcopal, at the RR Native Plant Garden in Brevard … and/or …..?

How do I use it?

As with the lil’ book libraries, put and take. And this is the beginning of the native plant seed season …

Small envelopes needed – ordinary postal ones would do

Small trays to hold them on an up slant (so seeds don’t fall out). Those take-out food ones might do.

On each envelope (print small): name (scientific is GOOD, common works), special planting notes (shade/sun)

There is a latch on the side of the door to keep the elements and hopefully the squirrels out, so please make sure you close it again if you open it.

Please keep Covid guidelines in mind during your visit.

Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Library
Blue Ridge Chapter seed library at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens