Thank you Whistlestop Market for helping us feed hungry children and selling in bulk

Whistlestop Market in Cedar Mountain has been ordering bulk products for us since November.  We are able to get almost anything we use to get from the Hendersonville Coop closer to home and many times at a saving. Many of us have been working with Rooster Head Farm to feed the hungry around their farm. Many from Conservers has donated money and time to help.  Thank you!  As it became obvious that this was going to be a long term project, several in the community came together to find a different way to help that did not involve Jacqui having to do all the shopping, transport, food preparation, and distribution. John and I do almost all of our grocery shopping through Whistlestop and before COVID we were sharing bulk food purchases with those in Conservers who were interested.  When we asked if we could buy bulk packages of meatless hot dogs, buns, peanut butter and jelly, and anything else they said sure!  Not only did they order the [...]

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Eating Consciously Podcast: Systemic racism and how I participate

John and I have decided we need to learn how we support systemic racism.  We decided to start by looking at our food choices and that led us to ask a team of individuals in our community if they would help us learn about the impact of our food choices have on others.  We also asked if they could guide us based on their expertise.  Thus started the project Eating Consciously. We decided to start a podcast with the project as a way to bring people closer together in our socially-distanced world.  This is the second episode of the podcast and it goes over an hour.  I interviewed Naeema Muhummad of the NC Environmental Justice Network.  It was a tough interview to do.  The stories she tells, and there are many, are hard to hear.  Every part of the interview touched me and it made it difficult to cut out parts of the conversation.  It is well worth a listen, in my humble opinion. Naeema invited us [...]

The Essential Worker Conversation …

Defining Essential workers … Mutual Aid On the phone call, recently, talk began about supporting essential workers via support for mutual aid groups, an ancient community support technique. So, Susan Sunflower and Jackie talked, at Roosterhead, talked on 6 June. We loosely divided essential workers into groups . those with salaries or wages and sometimes benefits like healthcare/sick leave: emergency and medical workers, grocery staff, . those working on their own or with a few people, mom/pop, sole proprietors, gig workers, such as cleaners, domestic violence workers/volunteers, individual mechanics or small shops like the Jiffy Lube individually owned/worked franchise, landscapers, child care proprietors/staff, handymen, hair dressers and FARMERS! The more we talked, the long the list got. SUPPORTS needed now: farmers/farm stands need customers SUPPORTS needed in a crisis: . health coverage, true medicare/medicaid for all, including homeopathic (COBRA is basically a farce, expensive) . emergency funds: - for farmers - national disasters include killing frosts, mudslides, 100 - 500 year floods so crop/land insurance needed immediately to [...]

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