The Hunger Coalition and Moving to Conservers are working together again to give away plants this fall for those who are food insecure.  Here is a note Gail Kinard from the Hunger Coalition shared:

Hi Everyone,
Shane and I are organizing a fall plant give-away at an upcoming Hunger Coalition food distribution.  The spring plant give-away was extremely successful, and some people are still asking for plants at the distribution so we’re hoping that the fall distribution will be just as good!
Ideally, we would get the plants distributed in early August, but I’m not sure we can get everything together by then, so it looks like it might be Sept. 3rd.
Shane and I are going to talk through some of the details tomorrow, but she has already gotten a commitment from Kate at Gaia to once again donate plant starts.  We’re thinking of focusing on four or five different fall crops.  We will still need pots and soil, and volunteers to help pot the starts.
Barbara Grimm’s husband is going to check with Blantyre, and see if we can get a reduced cost for whatever we can not get donated (mulch, pots, etc.).
We’d love to have all of you involved once again, so please let us know if you’re interested in helping.  Susan, I think you had some of the Master Gardeners donate some beautiful tomato starts last time.
We gladly welcome any suggestions!
Please let us know if you are interested in helping.  You can contact us at