The Essential Worker Conversation …

Defining Essential workers … Mutual Aid On the phone call, recently, talk began about supporting essential workers via support for mutual aid groups, an ancient community support technique. So, Susan Sunflower and Jackie talked, at Roosterhead, talked on 6 June. We loosely divided essential workers into groups . those with salaries or wages and sometimes benefits like healthcare/sick leave: emergency and medical workers, grocery staff, . those working on their own or with a few people, mom/pop, sole proprietors, gig workers, such as cleaners, domestic violence workers/volunteers, individual mechanics or small shops like the Jiffy Lube individually owned/worked franchise, landscapers, child care proprietors/staff, handymen, hair dressers and FARMERS! The more we talked, the long the list got. SUPPORTS needed now: farmers/farm stands need customers SUPPORTS needed in a crisis: . health coverage, true medicare/medicaid for all, including homeopathic (COBRA is basically a farce, expensive) . emergency funds: - for farmers - national disasters include killing frosts, mudslides, 100 - 500 year floods so crop/land insurance needed immediately to [...]

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Interested in eating more plants? Here are some resources!

Hello friends, my name is Shane Bragg and I am the owner of Green Go Cleaning Co ( here in Brevard NC. I am so honored to be able to reach out thought this community and offer some resources in incorporating more veggies into your life! I would like to hear from you directly, what is a vegetable you want to learn more about? What is something you have wanted to try but are afraid to explore cooking it? Do you want more raw recipes as we approach the heat of summer or do you want cooked meals? Do you want to hear about sauces, full meals, recipes and website or books? How can I assist you? Send me an email, text or call and give me something to write about. In the mean time here are my favorite things to keep at home, a great book that even includes work outs and a favorite website to explore:   Nutritional yeast (most health stores carry this in bulk [...]

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Kim and John Receive Well-Deserved Recognition

Our own Kim Coram and John Wiseman were recently honored as recipients of the N.C. Governor’s Volunteer Award, along with seven other awardees in Transylvania County. In addition, they were recognized as Medallion Award winners for 2020. Medallion Award winners represent the 20-25 most outstanding volunteers statewide so this is a very special recognition. Kim and John have been actively involved in positive change in the community since they moved here several years ago. As noted in the Transylvania Times “Many people impact their communities, but Coram and Wiseman’s commitment to local action is unparalleled in our county as it crosses multiple organizations, social groups, and causes.” Many of us who have worked with Kim and John have seen this commitment and dedication to positive social change first-hand. Rob Slover, one of those who nominated Kim and John for the recognition noted “ Kim and John are focused on making the world a better place through living their lives as an example.” Well said and so true! Congratulations [...]

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Moving to a plant-based diet

In 2020, we kicked off our Moving to Zero-waste educational series.  Our first conversation in January was focused on Transylvania Shares, a new mutual aid organization in our community that shares stuff. February and March focused on the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Thanks to a wonderful presentation from Noel and Patrick in February and another presentation from Evan in March, we received a great education and a lot to think about. Since the stay-at-home order due to COVID 19 was issued shortly thereafter, we did not have our gathering where we had a conversation about our studies.  Nonetheless, people have reached out and said they would like support to reduce the amount of meat in their diets.  Fantastic. I reached out and asked Shane, a vegan and owner of GreenGo Cleaning Company, and a huge supporter of zero-waste and community if she would mind guiding us.  She said she would.  Thank you Shane!  Look for her tips on our website and in our newsletter. We will host [...]

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We have always been about equity and solidarity.

Update on June 16, 2020 I posted this several weeks ago.  I continue to publish it for those who may have missed it.  I also continue to post it because my granddaughter is still expressing her fear.  Good for her.  We are enjoying a visit with them this week while we social distance in our home and wear masks and wash our hands a lot.  We have chalkboards in our home on doors and such and yesterday, my granddaughter wrote on one of them: I'm scared for my black family's life.  Black Lives Matter. I shouldn't be scared because I am 10. What wisdom.  What is happening now is amazing in so many ways.  I feel hope.  I also deeply feel the grief our family is experiencing.  Best friends have left, family members don't understand and it brings others to their knees.  It is a deep wound, exposed and while it helps move to healing, the grief is incapacitating at times.  It is why I was unable to [...]

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