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Free fermenting classes

This is something that is near and dear to my heart and I have discussed with the Shockey’s, my fermenting gurus and friends. So in spite of their world being turned upside down with COVID they are still walking the talk and trying to connect with those folks in most need. Scroll down to the bottom paragraphs and you will see what I mean.   We hope this finds you well. For the last few months we have been working on getting two special fermentation classes up. One is a Master Class that includes 7 techniques, a number of videos and a full color workbook with recipes. This class has so much for both a seasoned fermenter as well as brand new fermenters. The other class is very basic fermentation and is 100% FREE. FREE? What you say? Why? Let us explain.  Microbes are everywhere and key to nearly every natural process. They were on the Earth first, long before our farthest common ancestors existed, and they will likely be here [...]

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Eating Consciously, Eating Seasonally, Eating Locally

Another favorite of the nightshade family is the pepper: there are hundreds of kinds, ranging from super sweet to hellishly hot. I’ll focus on the sweet. Many do not like green bell peppers and for good reason: they are green, are not ripe and can be bitter. One can find in the grocery stores ripe bell peppers that are red, yellow and orange but chances are these took an international trip before getting to the store. Like tomatoes, peppers of all kinds are planted in the late spring once the soil and ambient temperature are warm. It takes about 2 months for a pepper to become green and ‘ripe’ enough to eat. To get to the full ripe state of red, orange or yellow takes another month. The fruit are heavy and require some effort to support so farmers are often ready to pick green and sell. So what does one do if one wants a pepper with color and sweetness? Plant Lunchbox Peppers! Not only are the [...]

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Eating Consciously, Eating Seasonally, Eating Locally

The nightshade family: sounds scary! And it is, as there are massive numbers of plants in this Solanaceae family that are very toxic. But we love to eat many of the non-toxic ones and most of us cannot wait for that first sun-ripened fresh tomato of the season. The other vegetable from the nightshade to be discussed in this article is the often vilified white potato. But before we begin chatting vegetables, let us talk salt. Our bodies need salt. Research has shown that without the correct balance of water and salt, our systems shut down and we die. So why the health concerns of not eating salt? If you eat any foods that are factory processed then you are eating way too much salt and bad salt at that. Big Food has our palates held hostage with refined salt, a variety of sugars and unhealthy fats. You got it: please, no processed food! The ‘regional’ salt I use the Redmond’s Real Salt. Mined in Utah, it is [...]

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Eating Consciously, Eating Seasonally, Eating Locally

Barbara Kingsolver wrote in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Most of the fruits and vegetables needed a passport to get to your plate. Yikes… we can do better than that! It is my intent with this series of articles to not only guide you for eating seasonally but to try your best to get local or regionally grown plant foods. And do this recipe free! I have nothing against recipes but one does need to learn how to be innovative and serendipitous when cooking out of the garden or what is staring at you from the fridge or purchased at the farmers market. This is a great time of year to begin exploring your options at local farmers’ markets, farm stands and businesses which support this philosophy. We shall begin with a family called cucurbits. In that vast group we at this time of year in our climate are enjoying all sorts of summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers along with cantaloupe and watermelon. Once frost arrives in the [...]

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One dollar gives a hungry person something to eat. So please open your hearts … and wallets

A few weeks ago Kim wrote a very informative note about the free lunches Rooster Head Plantation is serving to the children and adults in our community in need of a meal. The note encouraged donations from members of Moving to Conservers. I was curious about what the response was to this donations request so I contacted Jacqui at the Farm. Well, the response was disappointing so let’s see if we can do better! The Farm started the meals on March 18th and has served every Wednesday-Saturday except for one Wednesday when the farm flooded. Jacqui and her volunteers serve anywhere from 48-125 lunches a week. Weather seems to dictate. The cost of preparing these free bag lunches averages $1 a day. It is very easy to donate: 1. One can stop by the Farm and give cash or a check. Plus while there, do some shopping of local and regional foods, fruits and vegetables. 2. I live far from the farm so I send a check to [...]

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