NCEJN’s 22nd Annual Environmental Justice Summit (2020) registration open

Registration is open for the summit!  Looks like a great event.  John and I have enrolled and are looking forward to learning together. I took the following from their website: We Can’t Breathe: Policing, Pollution, Public Violence, and Pandemic This year, we are focusing our hearts and attention on the multiple crises that harm our communities – namely the public violence of policing, pollution, and the pandemic – and how our collective struggle can transform that harm into wellbeing for our communities.   To promote the safety of our community members, we have planned for this year’s Summit to be held online for the month of October. We will be gathering via email, social media, on Zoom, and by word of mouth to continue to practice solidarity and prove that our strength in numbers is not changed by any force! In addition to the virtual events, for the month of October, we will be asking our members and others to join in completing weekly action challenges as well [...]

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Solid Waste Workshop

Solid Waste Workshop The Transylvania County Board of Commissioners will hold a workshop on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 4:00 pm in Commissioners Chambers at the Transylvania County Administration Building, located at 101 S Broad St., Brevard. The purpose of the workshop is for the Board of Commissioners to receive a presentation from Transylvania County Solid Waste Director Kenn Webb on the status of the County Landfill and to discuss the future of Solid Waste Management. No action will be taken during the workshop. The workshop is open to the public in accordance with NC Open Meetings Law. The meeting can be viewed online ( and via Facebook Live. To protect the health and safety of others, Transylvania County will practice social distancing during their meetings. Staff has added a call-in option (audio only) for members of the public who may have trouble accessing the meeting online. Dial (712) 775-7270. Access code: 554381.

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Free fermenting classes

This is something that is near and dear to my heart and I have discussed with the Shockey’s, my fermenting gurus and friends. So in spite of their world being turned upside down with COVID they are still walking the talk and trying to connect with those folks in most need. Scroll down to the bottom paragraphs and you will see what I mean.   We hope this finds you well. For the last few months we have been working on getting two special fermentation classes up. One is a Master Class that includes 7 techniques, a number of videos and a full color workbook with recipes. This class has so much for both a seasoned fermenter as well as brand new fermenters. The other class is very basic fermentation and is 100% FREE. FREE? What you say? Why? Let us explain.  Microbes are everywhere and key to nearly every natural process. They were on the Earth first, long before our farthest common ancestors existed, and they will likely be here [...]

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Davidson River School garden work day was inspiring

On Thursday, July 30th, a group of dedicated volunteers showed up to work after a downpour.  It didn't rain a drop after we got started.  Barbara Grimm, the principle of Davidson River School had a lot of projects ready for us to tackle. A new compost facility Thanks to a pallet donation from Sylvan Sport, we were able to create a compost facility at the school so students can turn their food scraps into dirt.  Gabriel Covington, a student from Brevard College, helped us put the facility together.  It is so great to spend time with Gabriel.  He is always anxious to be part of a community project and he brings the energy of his youth.  Thanks Gabriel for your help! Kathleen Hannigan, a local artist, helped us add a community art piece the facility, just as we did at Rise and Shine.  Kathleen set up a table and got busy sawing wood planks for use in the compost tree we [...]

Potting plants for the Hunger Coalition giveaway on August 23rd

This past spring, we worked with other community partners to prepare and give away plant starts at the Hunger Coalition's food distribution.  The project was a great success and patrons at the distribution have continued to ask for plants.  One person shared photos of her plants and they were stunning!  Thanks, Shane for passing these on.  Shane is on the Hunger Coalition's board and a member of our project, Eating Consciously. Because a large part of Moving to Conservers' work focuses on eliminating the thought that anything is disposable, we have updated our tag that goes with the plants asking for the return of pots and unused soil from the previous distribution.  Thanks to John Lawson for creating and updating the tag for us! Reuse helps in so many ways. One of our greatest needs for continuing the plant give-away is high-quality soil Composting creates soil and soil is one of the things we need the most in order to support this [...]

Maureen needs help at the Blue Zone Project Kick-Off

Maureen sent this request for help and we wanted to pass it along. Blue Zone project is having their big kick-off event on Aug 22nd from 10 to 1.  They are going to be having a series of booths in their parking lot where they are giving out info etc.  Sort of a small Farmers Market...same social distancing precautions etc. I have volunteered to man the garden booth where they will be giving out seeds for fall planting... kale, spinach, arugula and I think they are getting some plant starts from Gaia to also give away (kale, chard, collards, broccoli, cabbage).  I'm wondering if there is anyone from the Conservers who would like to come and help man the booth with me?  Can you put out the word and see if anyone feels comfortable doing this.  We will have spacing between booths, masks required, hand sanitizer. Thanks Maureen If you are interested in helping, please let Maureen know by emailing her at Thanks!  

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Plants ready for Hunger Coalition’s distribution this Thursday. Way to go!

Sunday, ten of us met at Rooster Head Plantation with masks and gloves to pot plants to be given away at this week's Hunger Coalition's food distribution.  We tracked our numbers to ensure we stayed within the Governor's guidelines for gatherings. Thanks to donations from Gaia Herbs, Master Gardeners, Moving to Conservers members, Rooster Head Plantation and others, we were able to plant over 50 plants to be given to those who are interested in growing their own food.  We used a lot of locally-made compost to fill the pots.  How super fantastic is that! We received an amazing assortment of herbs and vegetables.  We also received a large assortment of pots and plants to share those with folks who do not have a place to plant. While programs like this have been done in the past, their success is limited without encouragement and follow through.  We are working on that in hopes of building relationships and expanding the amount of food grown locally.  Bart of our local [...]

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Moving to Conservers is looking for vegetable seedling donations. Join us Thursday for a conference call at 5:30 pm!

Our last gathering, via conference call, was absolutely fantastic.  Thanks to those who dialed in and shared your love and thoughts for our community.  An initiative that continues our work in the community was born and we are moving full speed ahead.  We are having another call this Thursday if you would like to join in the fun.  Here is a note Maureen sent out regarding the project.  Let us know if you would like to help! Moving to Conservers, a grassroots organization committed to community, sustainability and zero-waste, is working on an initiative to help people learn/start to grow their own food. If anyone has extra vegetable plant seedlings that you don't need the Conservers are looking for plant donations. These would be collected and then given to people interested in starting to grow their own food. If you have seedling donations let me know and we'll coordinate! We are hosting a conference call this Thursday at 5:30 pm. No internet is needed, just a telephone. We [...]

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Join us for a conference call this Thursday at 6 pm. Looking forward to it!

We sure do miss seeing everyone and sharing a meal together.  There is no doubt our stress level is significantly reduced right now because of the changes we have made in our lives because of the help and support of Moving to Conservers.  We are grateful for our loving community. This current situation is the type Moving to Conservers has been preparing for.  Our focus has been on moving our community to a more sustainable one, especially when it comes to producing our own food.  By promoting a zero-waste community we have learned so many different ways to live that have significantly reduced our waste and increased our resilience. Moving to one bag of trash a year came with small and big changes.  It is amazing how we live our lives now, how we eat, and how we examine every bit of "waste" before committing it to the "trash". We have learned that there is no such thing as disposable.  It usually goes somewhere else and usually impacts [...]

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Interested in gathering on a conference call?

We sure do miss sharing meals with each other.  John and I do not have internet service at home but we do have a landline.  We visit a local hot spot in order to access email and the internet.  We would love to touch base via a conference call if folks are interested.  Let us know by completing this one question survey.  If there is interest, we will set up a call.  Hope to hear from you!

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